We are North America’s largest firewood company because our growth and practices are sustainable.

For going on four decades SBC Firemaster has been at the head of North America’s firewood and wood products industry because we respect and treasure our forests. We manage them like the invaluable resources they are.

Green living, it’s more than a catch phrase for us.

Our lives depend on the trees but so do our ecosystems, so we practice intelligent, sustainable, forestry practices. Just as trees are a long-term resource, so are our plans and strategies for the future. Our products are 100% all-natural and chemical-free, and we do not harvest any endangered tree species. Read more about our Environmental and Sustainability Story.

Our success is proof our products deliver superior numbers

It’s easy to see the difference well-designed, clean packaging and dependable, on-time delivery makes. Our products are found in most large retail centers across the country, as well as hardware and convenience stores across the globe. Our customers know SBC Firemaster means quality.

And we know being good neighbors is good business. We invest over $1 million each year into communities connected with SBC Firemaster, even as we do our part to protect our natural resources. You can see the difference a quality, responsibly-produced product makes every time you use SBC Firemaster products. We’re proud of this too.

Products renowned for consistent, superior quality

All of our products are harvested via responsible, sustainable forestry practices.
They’re 100% all-natural, pest-free, and safe to transport.

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