Harvest Renewable Profits and Ignite Your Customer’s Loyalty

With almost 40 years in the industry, our experience in consumer packaged firewood is unrivaled. We rigorously ensure our bundles are cut to consistent lengths, offering ease of use and transport. Our products stand out through powerful retail presentation that engages new and old consumers alike.

Our premium kindling is the logical and profitable companion to our premium firewood.  Currently we ship 60 shrink wrapped and display ready bundles per pallet. Our pallets are engineered to be safely stacked up to 5 high.

SBC Firemaster offers:

• Ample inventory on hand and ready to move
• Warehouses strategically located across North America
• 100% domestic production
• Established, efficient delivery network

With over 35 years’ industry leadership, SBC Firemaster is ready to help you grow. Contact us and let’s explore how the leader in firewood can heat up your sales.

Spark your sales and fuel your bottom line

It’s always a good time for a great new partner. Let’s start something good.


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