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As elemental as a fire is, we have tested, worked, and listened to make our fire products better, safer, and yes, greener over the decades. The trees themselves haven’t changed, but we have relentlessly studied and advanced the ways in which they’re harvested, prepared, and delivered to our customers.

Today our ultra-premium kiln-dried firewood products can be found in retailers and wholesalers across North America from Alaska to New Mexico, and Canadian retailers and distributors from British Columbia to Quebec.

With all of our years in the industry, not only do we know which species make the best fires, we can tell which trees will make the best fires and those are the ones we choose when we harvest our wood. It’s quite a responsibility, one we absolutely take to heart. It’s also why we’re so exacting and precise in our sustainable forestry practices, manufacturing, and retail operations.

When you choose SBC Firemaster know you’re getting firewood that is:

1) Always harvested via responsible, sustainable forestry practices

Going on four decades SBC Firemaster has been at the head of North America’s firewood and wood products industry because we respect and treasure our forests. We believe in the benefits of sustainable forestry management provides, including protecting biodiversity and the health of the actual forests as well as on-going local economic success and stability. Read more about our Environmental and Sustainability Story.

2) Renowned for its consistent, superior quality

You will get what you paid for when you purchase an SBC Firemaster product. Our firewood is always cut to consistent lengths for long and reliable burn times but also easier fire builds. And unlike many competitors, we guarantee our bundles contain the actual amount of wood stated on the package.

3) Heat treated and 100% pest-free making it safe for transport to all parks

We heat-treat our wood to 140°F (60°C) for a full 60 minutes in a computer-controlled kiln designed specifically to meet or exceed USDA specifications for firewood. This treatment dries the logs to optimal combustive conditions and it means our wood is certified pest-free. Our products can be safely moved to state and federal parks and recreation areas and kept in grocery warehouses.

3) Readily available across North America

Just as we’re dedicated to our relationships with our customers, we work equally as hard on those with our distributors. Our logistics and shipping networks are the best in our business. SBC Firemaster products can be readily found in local ‘big box’ stores and merchants across the United States and Canada and are available practically anywhere there’s a hearth, fire ring or campfire.

Our products are unrivaled in the firewood industry

Consistency, superior quality and sustainability make our products the best in the industry.

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